Annex Weekend Antiques Fair & Fleet Market

Annex Weekend Antiques Fair & Fleet Market
6th Ave. 24-26th St. New York

The Garage Antique & collectibles

4 thoughts on “Annex Weekend Antiques Fair & Fleet Market”

  1. I was at the garage flea market last weekend and bought a few nice things. I wish
    I had bought a few more. I go there several times a year when in NY and know where the
    dealers booths are, but do not have their cards or phone #s. One is upstairs in the
    center aisle all the way to the back. They only have jewelry and have about 3 or 4 large cases. Husband, wife and mother I believe. I have bought from them before and
    want to purchase a ring that they have. Any ideas on how to contact them? The other
    one is downstairs in the center aisle on the left side one or two booths from the back. I also saw a gold ring that I wish I would have gotten. I bought one ring from her last Saturday but payed cash and there is no info on the receipt. Any ideas????


  2. great to have you here, Susan.

    sorry, I have no idea about those people you mention about.
    I was in New York at Sep. and Oct. 2005, that’s very great memeory I had, maybe someday I’ll back to NY, then I can help you to find those guys.

    Ken Lin


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