Tonight, I went to a party with Jessica, that’s organized by the Stern, NYU students.

I saw the “Networking” between everyone. I mean, EVERYONE, they’ll come to you and said, what’s your name? and shake your hand, then ask more questions. That’s a lot of people, who can remember so much names!!!

It was very diffcult to answer when they ask about my job in Taiwan, but Jessica will answer for me: “He worked in Citi before.” well, who knows. I think everyone there has a story to tell about themselves. Does that mean I’m not ready to meet people, new friends, without a story about me? maybe I’m going to need one, too.

In the Top MBA students of the world, there are still have different kind of person. I can’t describe this in English. so……

剛進來的MBA一年級學生,有些已經很有想法,知道自己想往什麼方向. 有些很天真,對什麼都很興奮,也是有自己的想法,只是感覺很單純. 另一些看起來就穩重多了,一方面是年紀,一方面也是經過社會的歷練吧. 二年級的學生已經儼然是高高在上的學長姐了,負責一年級的一些活動,座談會等等. 還有很多人會好奇的問畢業後想待在哪? 這時候的問題和回答不是哪間公司或哪個產業之類的,而是哪個國家,美國,香港或英國等等.

只覺得自己慢了,跟不上這些人的腳步了,很多都還比我年輕,試著和他們”Networking”,但是話題都僅止於在這待了多久,喜不喜歡New York,準備來待多久,住在哪之類的問題. 每個人都幾乎重複著一樣的問題,我想其他的問題他們大概也不會感興趣吧. Meeting new people as possible, 就是他們一直在上的一堂課吧!


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