13 Oct, 2005 Home, sweet home

local time on plane: 3:03pm, Oct14,2005

After 53 days traveling in US, now I’m on the way back to Taipei. Haven’t told anyone there. It’s kind of a surperise thing.

It’ll cost me a day back to Taipei by transfer from Chicago & Nagoya, Japan, but it’s better for me than direct flight. By cutting the journey apart, I can take a rest at different airport, talking a walk, visiting the shops, maybe a cup of coffee if available.

The flight from New York to Chicago had delayed for an hour,thanks God I caught the flight to Nagoya on time. It’s a long flight again, almost 13 hours on the plane is really killing me.

I usually can’t sleep well on moving vehicles, cars, boats, airplanes, etc. Today is no exception, but the lucky thing is there’re only few people on the plane, so everyone has more than one seat, much room for lie-down, stretching legs.

Less than 4 hours to Nagoya, I think I better try to get some sleep.


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